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Residential Electrical Services

At Ace Electric, we want to be the 1st Place you call for all your Residential Electrical needs. If something is not working and you need immediate service – give us a call. Or, if you’d like, schedule a service call by filling out our Service Request Form on our Contact Us page. Are you planning for home renovations, additions, or upgrades? We’ll be glad to offer an estimate before the project begins. Save time and money - and lessen your stress. Call Ace Electric and let us be part of the planning process.

Some of the residential electrical services we offer are:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Lighting Upgrades & Installation
  • Fault Locating (Ceilings, Walls, Underground)
  • Spa/Hot Tubs, Pools & Fountain Pumps
  • Circuit Breakers, Outlets, & Switches
  • Data, Phones, & Smoke Detectors
  • Annual Electrical Safety Audit
  • Panel Upgrades (Breaker, Fuse, Meter Box)
  • Landscape & Security Lighting
  • Overhead & Underground Meter Services
  • Ceiling Fans, Garages, Workshops, & Patio Lighting
  • Large & Small Appliance Power (Water Heaters, Air Conditioning Units)

Plus, at Ace Electric, our electrical panels and breakers have a lifetime parts and labor warranty!

Surge Protection

With computers, home offices, and entertainment systems, there is a continuous challenge to provide quality (clean) power for these electronic loads. Surges caused by lightning, utility grid switching and other sources can effect and destroy sensitive electronic loads.

Emergency Generators

Keep the lights on with an automatic stand-by generator! They’re quiet, reliable, fully automatic, and powered by natural gas or propane. We offer Eaton home standby units ranging from 7 kW to 45 kW. Add an automatic transfer switch from Eaton Corporation to any of these units and you may never know you were without power! All our generators include surge protection. Ace Electric can provide Sales, Maintenance, and Installation of Eaton, Siemens, and Generac Generators.